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The PHCP Board met on February 22nd to review nominations submitted by the February 15th deadline. As a result of their deliberations, they will recommend several new commemorations. Wondering what they are? All will be revealed at a ceremony in October 2011.

Do you have something or someone you'd like to nominate for provincial recognition? The next submission deadline is June 15th, 2011. Before making your nomination, it's a good idea to contact Kate Wolforth, the program administrator, for any guidance in following the submission process.

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  1. Florence Button
    Posted Monday, May 30, 2011 at 5:21:05 PM

    Dear Ms. Wolforth,
    I would like to nominate Carbonear Island and the defense of that place in 1697. It was a refuge for people who had already been displaced because of the Winter war and the courageous settlers took a stand on the rocky cliffs with the outcome being that this was the only place in NL at that time that did not fall to the French. This was due to the heroic actions of planters and settlers who manned the battlements of Carbonear Island with nothing more than their own muskets and a few 6lb. cannon. Is there an actual page that has to be submitted for nominations, or is the nomination sent in narrative form only? Thank you for your consideration.Florence Button, Carbonear, NL

  2. Kate Wolforth
    Posted Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 3:48:08 PM


    We have a new nomination form which we are piloting and asking for feedback on. Drop me an email, and I'll send it on.

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