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New Designations Announced

Event takes place in Black Duck Brook

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New Designations to be Announced

Ceremony to be held Oct 18 2013

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Kelly Russell Legacy Project

Kelly Russell Legacy Project

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Unique Places

For the purposes of this program, "place" refers to any site that has an historic or indigenous connection to the province. "Place" can include an archaeological site, a structure, a group of buildings, a district, or a cultural landscape.

Nominated subjects in this category must have a clearly demonstrable and direct association with a person or event that:

  • was significant in the history and culture of the province
  • had (or has) a spiritual link to a specific group of people
  • has a clearly defined link to a provincial custom or tradition

In addition, nominated subjects must do one or more of the following:

  • illustrate a significant stage in the development of the province as a whole
  • illustrate or symbolize (in whole or in part) a cultural tradition, a way of life, or ideas important to the development of the province as a whole
  • be explicitly and meaningfully associated/identified with the life or work of an individual or group of people of provincial historic significance
  • be explicitly and meaningfully associated/identified with events of provincial historic significance

Historic structures and districts that would normally be considered under the designation programs of the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador will not be considered under this program.

The Provincial Historic Commemorations Program will consider designating a place outside of Newfoundland and Labrador if it has a direct and unequivocal connection to the province, and can be considered an integral part of the province's history and/or culture.

Designations in this category: