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Cupids Cove Plantation

Cupids, Newfoundland and Labrador, approx 40 mins from St. John's.

Cupids Cove Plantation is an active archaeological dig on the site of a colony established by John Guy in 1610 - the first attempt at permanent English settlement in what would become Canada. Though the colony's existence was well known, its actual location was lost to time until archeological survey work in Cupids in 1995 revealed some promising artifacts. Excavations since then have uncovered the remains of four early 17th-century buildings and more than 135,000 artifacts - each one adding a new piece to the picture of these early settlers' lives. One thing is clear - Canada's first English settlers were building a community and they intended to stay.

Learn more about The Cupid's Colony and John Guy on the Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Website and visit the Cupids Legacy Centre in Cupids.

Cupids Cove Plantation is operated by the Baccalieu Trail Heritage Corporation. Go there to learn more about archeology in and around Cupids.